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Wash Day for Natural Kids

Wash "day" is more like wash days in our house. It would literally take all day for me to wash and style all three heads. I wouldn't even consider adding my hair into the mix.

How Wash Day for my Natural Kids Starts

Preparing for wash day starts days before. I begin by spraying their hair with water and applying leave-in conditioner. This helps soften the hair so the detangling process goes a lot smoother.

Next, I split the hair in four sections and secure three sides away with scrunchies.

Only working with 1/4 of the hair, I split that into three sections, detangle each section with more leave-in conditioner and loosely two strand twist it.

In the end, they have about 12-15 detangled twists.

The Wash Process- Girls

The twists usually stay in for at least a happens. The wash process starts with me prepping my sink area by washing the sink, rolling up one of my husbands shirts ( to use as neck support) and placing it at the edge of the sink.

Once I have the shampoo and conditioner I’m ready to begin.

With their heads hanging off the counter and into the sink, I start by apply water to their entire head.

Then working in fourths again, I untwist 1/4 and thoroughly shampoo it, rinse it out and apply conditioner and two strand twist that entire section.

I like to retwist after it’s clean to make sure the hair doesn’t tangle while I’m working on the other sections.

While applying the shampoo and conditioner I’m constantly finger detangling the hair.

I repeat this process for their entire head and rinse all the conditioner out at the end.

Their hair is left soft and fully detangled before I even start the styling process.


The Wash Process- Boy

For my son, his process contains less steps because his hair is not as long and thick as his sisters.

He always gets his hair washed in the bathtub.

I start by shampooing his entire head at one time.

Next, I apply leave-in conditioner and detangle his hair with a wide tooth comb.

Lastly, I rinse out the conditioner and his hair is ready to be styled!

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