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Road Trips with my Bonnet!

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

To be completely honest , we’re going a little stir crazy. Our girls are completing school work right from their at home desks & grocery delivery is so easy & convenient that I rarely leave the house. We may not be flying these days but we are considering planning a road trip at some point this year. . .

2018 Road trip to Disney World

Whenever and wherever we go, our bonnets will be there. On long trips we wear them almost the entire ride!

Benefits of traveling with your bonnet:

  • Hair stays fresh while taking car naps

  • Reduces hair combing time (a plus when there are multiple heads)

  • Hair stays off of hotel pillows & blankets

I’m looking forward to our road trip this year. I’ll be sure to share pictures via my blog here and on our IG busybee_bowtique.

Do you have any 2021 trips planned? Will your bonnet be with you?

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